Christmas Cards



Christmas card flocked

Exceptionally attractive Christmas cards.


Let’s be honest: Christmas cards are like sand on the sea!

This makes it all the more important to stand out from your competitors, when the year draws to a close.

Sending Christmas cards is a nice custom.

But in the business sector you almost have to fight for it,

to be noticed at all. Here, it is important to be different to

to the “normal”, mostly meaningless card senders.


What it is about and what needs to be considered – here are the 7 basics:


Silkscreen with daylight colour

  1. Advertising has no place on Christmas cards!
  2. Ideally, the card should be picked up by the recipient, possibly even used decoratively and not end up in the trash can: This will not be possible without a convincing and unmistakable feel and appearance.
  3. The writer (YOU) should stay in the memory. A meaningful text that people like to remember is also an expression of individual appreciation.
  4. To give the recipient a few personal lines and to sign the card does a little more work – but it does justice to the occasion more than mere text phrases.
  5. Wishing a Happy New Year together with the Christmas greetings is standard. Therefore, a separate New Year’s card makes a very special impression as it is not expected. Instead of sending a New Year’s card instead of to the Christmas card is an alternative, if two cards break the budget.
  6. Thanks for this year’s business relationship are not only welcome and appropriate by their own custoLaser cutting technology such as scissor cuttingmers, but also by the cooperating companies and suppliers.
  7. And also you shouldn’t save on the appropriate envelopes: Understand and pack your Christmas card as a Christmas present-and it will be understood that way.






Christmas Card 700g Hot foil



Where would you like to set your focus?

We can help you turn your Christmas mail into a campaign tailored to your needs. We are at your side with the creative implementation, the selection of suitable materials and exquisite finishes and are responsible for the complete production.

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By the way:

The probably first Christmas cards of the world were printed only 1843 in England.
Due to the great approval, the editions increased from year to year.
The introduction of the stamp then strengthened the distribution lastingly.


In the USA, the Christmas card was only introduced to the market in 1874 (by a German immigrant). In Germany, Christmas cards were also produced at this time, but were more intended for sale abroad.

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