Business Cards

Business cards were originally an upper-class means of communication: The home servant who opened the door for the visitor received the card and handed it to the lady or lord of the house on a tray. It can therefore be assumed that all due effort has been invested in business cards. They decided whether one was allowed to come in at all.
Letterpress _ Business Cards _ King Concept

Even today, business cards are much more than just a piece of paper with a name on it. In fact, they allow some inferences about their owner.

No matter what you like: Round or square, with or without finishing, colored or black and white, with address or just the email on it, with velvety textile surface or made of wood – we are at your side with advice and deeds. We are happy to make suggestions to you or check your projects for technical feasibility and do not leave your budget out of sight.


In the world of tailor-made business cards, we are the profis. Your card must fit you like a suit to take full effect. You want to leave a lasting impression, after all.


Here you will find a selection of business cards, which we have realized, to suggest. All images can be enlarged by clicking. Click on the links and you will learn more about the maps and your proud owners (this section is gradually supplemented).

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Hot foil _ 3D embossing _ High End

able labs-Future.Media.Innovation
2 x 430 g/sqm, three map variants in Pantone red, green, blue
+ hot foil 3D embossing.
Back hot foil embossing black

Blind embossing _ hot film _ offset

Business cards 4/4-colour offset, print fine 300 + 300 g/sqm, blindfolded on both sides + Fine-coloured hot foil embossing

Robinizers – enabling digital
transformation …

Duplex visitation cards 270 + 540 g/sqm sorted in three + eight colors. Hot foil embossing + blind embossing

Hot foil embossing _ natural paper


Business cards 540 g/sqm.

Front hot foil relief embossing silver + gold, back hot foil embossing silver

Laser cut _ three-layer _ business card
… an elegant, filigree lasered triplex business card with turquoise blue core: Colour Matters 175 + 270 + 175 g/sqm.

Flock business cards
Business cards Dr. Brigitte Zimmermann:

Natural carton 540 g/sqm in offset direct printing + textile flocking

Duplex _ Hot foil _ colour cut


Business cards 52/78 mm, 350 + 350 g/sqm, 2 foil
colours and 2 cut colours matched.

Letterpress _ Triplex _ King Konzept_1


We also have business cards :-)

More on that soon.

Wood _ silkscreen _ laser cut
This real cherry wood business card was printed in silkscreen and lasered filigree. Pure nature …

 3D embossing _ business card
The embossing tool is created from the 3D scan of an original sandal.

Everything, just not flat.


Creating healthily: Duplex visitation card, unmatched finely mechanically punched. Colour Matters 350 + 350 g/sqm

Head product: Colour Matters Duplex 350 + 350 g/s
qm + filigree laser cut
Letterpress _ Colour Matters
Simple yet very dignified: Letterpress one-sided black on Colour Matters Pristine White 540 g/sqm
Blind embossing _ Colour Matters
Architects Wagner Weinzierl: Colour Matters Duplex 270 + 270 g/sqm, blind embossing + Letterpress monochrome black

 Cashed business card _ Colour Matters Duplex

Plea for uncompromising quality: Colour Matters 175 + 175 g/sqm, blind embossing + hot foil embossing in 2 colours

350 + 350 g/sqm in letterpress technology + luminescent colour cut!
1/0-color black silkscreen on Artoz Dorato gold in 200 g/sqm + Colour Matters Ebony Black 270 g/sqm
Weighty 700 g/sqm (Colour Matters Pristine White) + Letterpress + red colour cut
Hot film transparent shiny _ business cards
Business cards 4/4-colour offset 320 g/sqm + hot film transparently glossy, edges four-sided blue coloured
Golden colour cut _ hot foil embossing
Colour Matters Bitter Chocolate 270 + 270 g
/sqm! 1-colored hot foil gold, edges golden inked
Silkscreen _ Business Cards
Ispira Mystero 360 g/sqm,
2/1 colour silkscreen with special colour
Individual business cards _ blind embossing
PALEO: On the go at home-360 g/sqm, offset printing + blind embossing



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