Office Koffman and Christmas Card IDS



IDS Christmas Card-embossing pine cones



Understand your customer’s needs and the long-term relationships they have with you.

Focus on clarity and function.

The conscious renunciation of everything unnecessary and insignificant.

These are the demands of Raada Koffman, with the conclusion: “We strive for perfection – in everything we do”.



These are the claims of Raada Koffmann, with the conclusion: “We strive for perfection – in everything we do.”  

Which, moreover, is perfectly compatible with our own understanding of work.

The task we have been given:

For the Christmas card of IDS GmbH – Analysis and Reporting Services, a company of the alliance group, a classic Christmas motif was desired with fir branch and cone, which should not follow the usual forms of presentation. Instead, a very discrete print and a embossing in the greatest possible three-dimensionality.


After determining the budget, several photo motifs were tested for optimum feasibility together with the embossing machine and the toolmaker and agreed with the customer.


Since all the images showed the cone in the foreground and the branch somewhat blurred in the background, Büro Koffman carefully reworked the final motif into a template that could be implemented as a multi-stage tool. Thus, the needles of the branch had to be carefully coarsened. An effort that is often underestimated, but which is of decisive importance for the embossing result.

The quality of an embossing depends centrally on the quality of the tool.


And of course also the embossing suitability of the material: from several papers under discussion, the choice finally fell on Colour Matters Bright White 270 gsm, also from the point of view of colouring, to match the company’s business papers.


The realized card shows that the effort driven was justified.


IDS Christmas Card-Overall view inside and out



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