What is the ALTA Embossing Press?






ANSWER: A pretty and high-quality little thing with which you can take a lot of embossing work into your own hands,  for example…

    – make your own letterheads and invitation cards,
    – finishing envelopes,
    – emboss and enhance place cards,
    – Books provided with an Ex Libris

     …. and much more.


Shortly: A stable and solidly made, handy embossing instrument on a wooden base. Also ideal as a gift for people who have style and culture – but no embossing pliers.


How you get to the embossing pliers, how (simply) it works and what pliers and embossing inserts cost:
You can find out more here.


And what satisfied users do with them and what they have to say about the embossing press can be found under Application examples.


                                                                                                                                                  With the ALTA embossing press you can emboss your name or                                                                                                                                                                                                               initials, for example, in books.

If you want to give away the ALTA embossing press as a gift: It will be                                    

delivered in an attractive packaging, the recipient can then order his

tool himself with the enclosed voucher.




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