Easter cards


After Christmas is before Easter …
I’m sure you get a lot of Christmas cards every year-but do you even know about whom? Which cards have you been left with in living memory? Not many, presumably.

The reason for this is quickly found: Almost everyone sends cards on Christmas, thus embarking on an almost opportuness battle for attention.

Actually, it’s a great pity. This is a topic that has been close to our personal hearts for a long time. We therefore ask: Why does almost everyone send out Christmas cards – and almost no one easter-cards? Our suggestion to you: Do so!


Easter Card 2019
Eastercard 2019



We provide you with our know-how regarding Easter cards and advise you on how to include a simple Easter card in your marketing activities. Material selection and production, of course, competent by us.


Easter card 2020



Your original idea (or maybe our) + lace finishing on exciting material =

Your attention to your customer and doing so in a season that is often very poor in impulses.



Easter epitomizes life that has no beginning and no end. Easter marks the rebirth of the year and its actual new beginning: Again, spring dispels the wintry grey and darkness. Light and colour break back into life with power. Lush green bursts out of soil and twigs, colorful flowers shoot knospend towards the sun.

Desire for life and optimism – this is a perfect occasion to easily introduce yourself with a beautiful and unused object with new customers and to reinvigorate old contacts …

In general, do you know why we paint the eggs at Easter? And why eggs at all? And why are they brought by the Easter Bunny? When exactly is Easter?

From searching and finding, not just at Easter: Here you can contact us.




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