Event materials


The cards and envelopes you have made with our help invite people to an event?


Motivkonfetti newlyweds Wedding


Then we will be happy to help you here as well.

Very popular for corporate events, and also feasible in small editions, are individualized confetti and similar products, for example.
Some festive tables were also upgraded even more and some wedding paper was welcomed.

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Please keep in mind, however: If your event takes place in public spaces, there are many regulations to be observed that have to do with fire safety.

For this reason, we offer a large portfolio of papers and other materials that are flame retardant and comply with the M1 and DIN 410 2 B1 fire safety standards.


On our webpage set up specifically for this purpose  of”flame retardant materials”
www.schwer-entflammbar.com     you will surely find the right thing.


If not, feel free to call : +49 89/89 82 77 98-0 or you can use our contact form for a message to us: Please describe your plans to us, we will work with you to develop tailor-made individual solutions.


Confetti and punched flowers, leaves or similar – flame retardant



Visiten- und andere Karten mit Persönlichkeit