Duplex Business Cards

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Duplex business cards

A business card is much more than just your name and address on a piece of cardboard. Especially in digital times, it is a piece of “analog haptics” with which you can express your personality.


What is possible with a wide variety of materials and techniques, such as embossed, flocked, lasered or whatever – we also make it accessible to you for duplex or triplex business cards.


To express your own complexity, we recommend high-weight duplex business cards in conjunction with laser cut or delicate punching. Ideal with Colour Matters, the paper series that opens up unimagined possibilities.












The duplex visitation cards of “head product” in
laser cut technique.



The duplex visitation cards of “Create healthy” in filigree punching.


You can also read more about these two cards in Alfred König’s article on duplex business cards:Your own expression.” Published in issue 05 _ 2011 of Paperazzo.


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